BETA Progress -- Updated Wednesday, 4-13-05

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BETA Progress -- Updated Wednesday, 4-13-05

Postby CJ Greiner » Wed Apr 13, 2005 1:45 pm

Some people have wondered about the progress being made toward development of upcoming features, as well as progress on adding member suggestions and fixing member-reported bugs.

Here’s a current status of DJGold site development:
(Check back regularly for updates!)

    Search Engine
    Continued modifications to support paid vs. free listings. More coding added to increase the accuracy of rotation to ensure equal number of days in No. 1 position for paid members of equal pay level. (Details of how rotation works in entry below.)

    Search Engine
    Modified Free Listing image to be a simple DJGold Logo. Paid members get the nicer default image until personalized image uploading is available.
    FINALLY: The listings are being rotated! It took a while, and required some complicated coding due to our complex listing system... but it's done! Here's how it works: Paid members are rotated at the top with other paid members -- each day a different paid member is rotated to the top position. Below that, free members are similarly rotated in groups that are designated as: Local, Intermediate and Long Distance.
    Discussion Forum
    Created new Forum for BETA Testers -- only visible to BETA Group members. This will allow for ideas, suggestions and comments to be shared among our fellow BETA testers, without interference from the general membership.

    Search Engine
    Continuing to update back-end code to allow for members to choose the distance they'll serve, as well as allow the search engine to expand that distance for towns that don't have DJs listed within the normal distance.

    It's been a few months since I updated this list... so rather than trying to include everything that's been modified since the last update, I'll just start from today.
    Most of the updates and changes that were made over the last few months were to the DJGold Discussion Forum, so they're not really as significant as any upcoming changes being made to the DJGold Search Engine anyway...
    New Members
    We're now over 800 members strong and growing...
    DJGold Search Engine
    Completed some behind-the-scenes re-programming of the DJGold Search Engine. Most of the changes aren't visible, but the re-structuring of the program will make it easier for integrating the free/paid features that are upcoming...
    Changed the default free listing title size, star size and image size. This will help with differentiating between free and paid listings.
    For results with multiple pages, page navigation was added to the top of the page so that you're not required to go to the bottom to navigate between pages.


    New Members
    We're now over 700 members strong and growing...!
    Problem: It looks like a few of the registrations are inactive or fake... I'll have to go through a cleaning-up process soon to get rid of the "dead wood."
    [FIXED] The Page Size -- the page width was a few pixels too wide for users with 800x600 resolution so the header was modified slightly to allow it to shrink as necessary to fit properly.

    New Members
    We're now over 500 members strong and growing...
    [FIXED] Searching states or zipcodes for DJs -- DJ search engine is now more flexible and will accept input with or without a comma, and with abbreviated or full-named states.

    New Members
    So far we have over 300 members for BETA testing.
    Invited a total of 3000 DJs as of today. (Since we first started)
    Weeding out the mailing list: So far, over 1000 of the 3000 emails sent out have been rejected as "bad" or "undeliverable".
    [FIXED] Correction to address
    [FIXED] My website link from DJ Gold -- javascript error
    Updated DJSearch -- pagination is set to 10-listings-per-page. (This will increase as we get more listings in the Database.)

    New Members
    Invited a total of 800 DJs as of today -- expect 200-to-300 to actually join & sign up for BETA testing.
    Updated DJSearch code for proper pagination and set to 8-listings-per-page. (This will increase as we get more listings in the Database.)
    Changed Max search distance to 75 miles. It'll probably stay there until the Member Control Panel "set distances" is programmed.

    New Members
    Invited 100 New BETA testers... we'll give it a few days to see what bugs/suggestions these new members have before we invite more!
    Website Design
    Added View Profile / Edit Profile Links at top of forum.
    Added Login at top of forum index when not logged in.

    Website Design
    Added links to discussion forum pages to make it easier to go back and forth between the forum and the Search Engine website.

    No longer allows listing to “go live” until new member uses activation link in welcome email.
    Added easy “ACTIVATION” code in email and activation code in registration pages with reminders on page #4 and #7.

    Email Extraction
    Completed loading 7,200 DJ email addresses to database. Unfortunately this list includes DJs from other countries, and Club(Non-Mobile) DJs that won't qualify for use of DJGold. We’ve removed as many as possible from the original 8,500…

    Email Extraction
    Commenced programming Database to accept email-list phone numbers.
    Removed entries missing data or obviously from out-of-country.
    Web Server
    Completed "parking" domain names for
    Setup Spam control

    Web Server
    Completed Server Move today.
    Re-wrote code as necessary to accommodate new server setup.
    Fixed DB connectivity and setup issues.
    Modified code to properly account for (!empty) data returned from DB.
    Verified proper operation of all pages.

    Modified check_if_DJ() to accept optional "ALL" argument.

    Member Control Panel
    Updated HTML... this will continue to be a "work in progress" :?

    Member Control Panel
    Modified Cookie/Sign-in so that if registered & logged in member goes to top domain:, they'll be auto-redirected to /members/ -- and Member Control Panel has link to "Guest Homepage".

    Member Email Form
    Added "memory": Emails sent to members are now remembered in the database. Eventually, this will allow for member access from the Member Control Panel.

    Member Email Form
    Changed the order of information that the DJ receives, and added 2 new spots in the Contact Form and Email Results:
    Event Venue Name & Location
    Event Start & Finish Times

    phpBB Forum
    Added "Watched Topics" to Forum Navigation.
    Added "Welcome Name___ & Avatar" to bottom of Forum Index Page.
    Added other minor mods to provide additional functionality.

    Member Email Form
    Received feedback on Email Form and test emails -- keep the ideas coming folks!
    Changed Email Form validation to require "Contact Method". Will warn if no method is selected by the client.

    Member Email Form
    Completed testing of Mail Program in Alpha Mode.
    Commenced BETA testing with BETA testing team.

    Member Email Form
    Created Mailer Program and began Alpha testing with “fake” accounts.
    Found several Database irregularities -- fixed.
    Added ability of SMTP emailer to send directly to individual instead of “Undisclosed-Recipients:”

    Web Server
    Started making arrangements to move DJGold to faster/better server -- anticipating future growth.

    Home Page
    Corrected problems with slow Home Page loading due to java scripts. Now is loaded and dynamically parsed by server:
    From 2004-07-28:
    Uses javascripts that are slowing it down... need to find way to include Recent Topics/Chatter info dynamically rather than using the javascript.

    Member Email Form
    Added the "Best Time to Call" feature
    Corrected the way the chosen methods are displayed
    Made the "Event Details" mandatory - encourages client to provide further information.

    Member Email Form
    Added checkbox for "This date is tentative". This should encourage DJs to respond to the client, even if the selected date is already booked.
    Member Registration
    Resolved some issues with member registration and validation. Need to look further at whether DJs should be allowed to continue registration without first activating their account via email.

    Member Email Form
    Completed all parts of emailer program except actual mailing routine. Now in BETA Part 1 for email program: Seeking member input on layout and functionality.
    Modified "Success" page to HTTP-Refresh to the member's main page after 20 seconds.

    Member Email Form
    Completed Error Checking routine and now shows messages at top of form based on client input. Current limit for Client details is 500 characters.

    Member Email Form
    Added the ability for Email program to use multiple pages: Enter Info, Review info, and "Email Success".
    Changed "remember me" info in email form because it wasn't remembering long enough. Valid for up to 36 hours from previous use. After 36 hours, client will have to fill in information again.
    [NEW] [FIXED] - Website Link - Corrected problem that caused redirect to wrong pages based on HTTP Header info. Program now correctly forwards guests to Member Website when client clicks on "Visit our website".

    Member Email Form
    Added Text/HTML to allow Editing of Client information before sending.

    Member Email Form
    Created "Success" HTML and corrected hidden form elements in "verify" page to allow for correction or submission as desired by client.
    [NEW] - Website Link - Updated the HTML and programming to show a link to the member's website directly from the Main Information Page, as well as the Contact Us page.
    [NEW] - Member List - Corrected access and security limits so that all registered DJs can see the Memberlist.

    [NEW] - Member List - Logged-In DJs can now see a listing of board members by clicking on "Memberlist" at the top of the forum pages. This doesn't provide a search-by-location function... but it gives a general view of current membership.
    Home Page
    Uses javascripts that are slowing it down... need to find way to include Recent Topics/Chatter info dynamically rather than using the javascript.
    Member Email Form
    Modified further code to use preg_ instead of ereg_ to improve processing and output time of server pages.
    [FIXED] Visit Our Web Site Link
    [FIXED] Tag Line Deficiency

    Member Email Form
    Q: It’s taking between 17 - 20 seconds for the page to load… why?
    A: Using method ereg/eregi & ereg_replace… takes way too long.
    Use alternate methods: preg_match & preg_replace
    Page processing time is down to < 2 seconds -- much better!
    Note: need to go back and look at other code which uses similar methods and consider changing to preg_ method. That could improve overall website response, as well as improve this page even further.

    Member Email Form
    Wrote code to auto-select month/day/year in Event Date selection boxes based on user’s previous input.
    Verified cookie encryption and placed Email info in cookie for client form auto-fill. Valid for up to 24 hours from previous use. After 24 hours, client will have to fill in information again.

    Member Email Form“Taught” contact program to remember user input and re-display it on subsequent pages.
    Wrote code to auto-check check boxes if previously selected.
    Wrote code to use image for indicating user choice on verification page

    Member Email Form
    Created Template HTML for Member Contact form -- allows program to automatically select "Enter Info", "Verify Info" or "Email Sent" pages based on client email request progress.

---- Begin reporting progress 2004-07-24 ----
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