EV lowers the price on SxA360

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EV lowers the price on SxA360

Postby BillESC » Mon Apr 06, 2009 7:55 pm


MAP on the SxA360 used to be $ 1249.00, EV has dropped the price to $ 799.99 for this American made speaker.

Best described as a hot-rodded, powered SX300, the Electro-Voice® SxA360 boasts 1000 watts of peak power in a rugged yet lightweight chassis. With a 2-inch diaphragm compression driver and the legendary DL12BFH woofer used in hundreds of thousands of systems worldwide, the SXA360 not only has power to spare, but also sounds amazing.

Key Features: 1000 watts peak power from dual power amplifier channels each driving 500 watts into 4 ohms. Incredibly lightweight package 16.6kg (36.6lbs) Amplifiers contain electronic crossover circuitry and Constant Directivity horn compensation optimized for speaker components. A limiter circuit prevents amplifiers from clipping, while preserving sonic quality. 2-inch diaphragm compression driver. The line input utilizes Neutrik® "combo” connectors, which accept either .25-inch or three-pin, XLR-type connectors. Separate line output is a three-pin, XLR-type, balanced, low-impedance output that can be used with long cable runs. The SxA360 is perfect for use as a powered floor monitor.

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