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Postby Jumpin' Jeff » Wed Feb 14, 2007 8:35 pm

I've recieved a few of these in the past, and have been happy with the quality of discs and all, but, I'm curious as to if the content would satisfy a high majority of the chart toppers.

I've also gotten TMCentury/JonesTM Primecuts content, and determined that I easily satisfied the top 100 top 40 tracks of 2006. However, I've decided to go video this year, so may drop back from Primecuts weekly to monthly, and add video, or go video only with JonesTM version of HitDiscs.

I want to make certain I'm still covering the hits.

My current subscription is nearly expired, so I need to be making a choice.

Most of my gigs these days are teen dances and weddings.
What would you recommend?
Jumpin' Jeff
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