Need Video Capture Suggestions

Many DJ's are "switching up" to computers as the new way to DJ. They provide near-instant access to large song lists and can be integrated to control video and DMX lighting.

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Need Video Capture Suggestions

Postby mickey j » Sun Mar 14, 2010 6:01 pm

Hi All,
Been missing from forums lately, my "going digital" has been fine so far, keep learning new things which brings me to this:

Does anyone incorporate live video of the dancefloor into their show?

I have found some visualization software (R4) that allows you to "overlay" crowd shots via a webcam into the visuals. So basically I can hook up my laptop to a video screen via hdmi cord, start R4 visuals and have a camera filming the dance floor and integrate these images into the visual as an "overlay".

My major question is: what would be a good webcam to use for this purpose since most webcams are designed to film yourself sitting in front of your laptop not to film a larger view such as a dancefloor or should I use some other kind of camera???

Lastly, if anyone does use live video of the crowd, what does your setup incorporate???

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Oh, here's a link for the webcam I am considering. Do you think it would work sufficently? ... y_e_text_c
mickey j
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