Two good BPM counter/Analyzer for Mac and PC.

Many DJ's are "switching up" to computers as the new way to DJ. They provide near-instant access to large song lists and can be integrated to control video and DMX lighting.

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Two good BPM counter/Analyzer for Mac and PC.

Postby Dj Sean » Tue Jul 25, 2006 5:43 pm

Well I searched around and didn't find a thread about BPM analyzer's.
As more and more DJ's are converting to Laptops and digital libraries, the advantage's and feature's are improving all the time.

So I, about a week ago, I found Beatunes for Mac, and now I can tell you what I think about it.

There is a similar program for PC called Mix Meister
I have not used this prog but, have heard many good things from many other DJ boards. And you can probably find many reviews of it as well.

So how do analyzers work?? They are ideal for running at home or left running over night as they will work in the background, you can still surf the net, etc, while it anyalyzes your WHOLE library, it then automatically enters in the information into itunes for you. This is better than manually entering in your BPM's for thousands of songs, as this can take for ever!!!

All in all, beatunes, is stable, if your worried about it messing things up just select to analyze a couple albums, and see for your self. It has many customizable options, and is very easy to use, even for the not so technically inclined.

One great option is, you can tell it to only analyze the songs without the Bpm's, so if you already have half your library with bpm's it will only analyze the other half.

It also has a sliding scale option of analyzing, that looks kinda like this.

Analyzing option

Fastest-----------|------------More accurate.

I personally left it at the default which is right in the middle.
For 7,000 songs took 3 days to analyze on a G4 1.67Ghz laptop, and it is very accurate, it even has decimels ex: 96.4 bpms

So I would suggest leaving the analyzing option where it is or even sliding it toward Faster.

Out of 7,000+ songs it only had trouble with 4, not bad at all, in my opinion. For those 4 I just manually entered in the bpm, and then I was all done.

Also, did I mention, Beatunes si free for 7 days, after that trial period, I believe it only costs, $30 bucks.

Well, I hope my little review helps, have a great day, and have a great time with the new programs!!! :D
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