What do brides really want?

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What do brides really want?

Postby goodknightdj » Wed May 16, 2007 11:50 am

I had a conversation with Ken Peterson not too long ago in which he was telling me about some research he is doing for his college classes. Of course the research is all related to Dj work.

One of the surveys asked brides what they wanted (I'm paraphrasing) and a key word most of the time was fun. This got my interest and made me pay even more close attention to interviews.

I ask the bride and groom what their expectations are. I always prep them a few days ahead of time when I call to confirm that the interview is still on. Well, since the conversation I have picked up on the fact that the word "fun" is mentioned just about every tiome by the bride and groom. "I want to have fun" or "I want to have fun with my friends/guests".

So, now I'm asking what they consider to be fun. It always seems to involve dancing and in most of the cases, it also mean cutting down the formal stuff to a minimum.

I've also been noticing that several want to cut out all the formalities completely. One told me that she thougght that the garter removal and the garter/bouquet toss was tackey. She did have a throwing bouquet and she did like making it a presentation for an anniversary dance.

Anybody else seeing these trends?
-- Tom
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Postby dokai » Wed May 16, 2007 4:20 pm

Yes. I've seen several "streamlined" receptions recently, although "tacky" wasn't given as the reason for deleting the garter removal / toss.

I think it's just a natural progression. The origin of the garter removal happened back in the days of arranged marriages and virgin brides, and was an effort to get the bride and groom somewhat physically familiar with each other in preparation for the honeymoon. Today, the bride and groom have probably been having sex for a while, so it's just not needed.

I also have noticed that the desire for "fun" is a common denominator in every single interview I've ever had.
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