How do you respond to this???

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Postby Dj Sean » Sat Oct 28, 2006 1:08 am

Well I think you guys were right on this one. As I DID call and leave a message but the message was never returned, which tells me her disappointments weren't really all that serious or meaningful, otherwise she would have at least called or emailed back.

Closed case?!?!

I think so. :D
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Postby Hey-Mr.DJ » Fri Feb 02, 2007 3:53 am

Sometimes, as others have mentioned, people just want to vent a little, with no real sense of what will compensate them.
If it absolutely seemed like the customer had no case yet was looking for a refund of some sort, I had a handy coupon. It accepted no blame or accepted responsibility for having done anything wrong, yet gave a discount off any future event (birthday, sweet 16, whatever).
That way, the customer remains a customer, will make sure they use the coupon (hey, another booking!), and, most importantly, give you a chance to reinforce to their family and friends just what a good job you do.
You'll have shown your skills at 2 seperate events, hopefully will have not repeated whatever transgression you "did" in the first place, and they will feel like they won too. Win/win.

I also had a 28 day policy to submit complaints, after which time it was assumed that all went well with the event.
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